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I’m Back: 2017 HITS Naples 70.3 Race Report

Hits Naples Race Report

I’m back… I’m back from the edges of overtraining. I’m still pushing my edges – just not tipping over them. I’m back into the thrill of the chase, and working that line between getting enough oxygen and going as fast as I can. And, with my first 70.3 in almost 2 years, I’m back to races that begin and …

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(No) Room for Doubt: Lake Raystown Triathlon Race Report

lake raystown triathlon

Doubt is a stubborn presence. While I’ve worked hard physically, mentally and emotionally to keep my doubting voices quiet, they are persistent. I’ve learned that I need to be more persistent, more stubborn than the doubt. I have the Lake Raystown Triathlon to thank for this important reminder: The mental work of endurance is harder than the physical work.  …

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It’s Not Ideal: The Intimidator – Florida Challenge Triathlon Race Report

“The first race of the season is always something of a sh!t show,” I mentioned to a friend, last week, as we talked about my upcoming race at the Intimidator Florida Challenge Triathlon, held in Clermont, FL on March 22, 2014. In the case of this race, “sh!t show” turned out to be an accurate …

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Do or do not – there is no try: Rhode Island 70.3 Race Report

At the starting line of races, I used to think: “I’m going to try the best I can.” Doing the best that we can is important. Trying, however, is useless. “Trying” implies an attempt, but not necessarily the execution of an act.  If I want to do my best, I have to focus on execution – not …

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The Rematch: Rev3 Quassy Half Iron Triathlon

This was my second year racing Revolution 3’s Quassy half iron distance triathlon. Last year, I finished, but ran into some issues with GI distress, and the chronic return of ITBS which plagued me all throughout last season. So, it was time for a rematch with one of the most challenging courses I’ve done to date. …

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Season Opener: Bassman Race Report

“Fifteen seconds to start,” the race director called through the bullhorn. What the heck? Only 15 seconds before he made this announcement, he had just let us enter the water. Now, about 100 of us had to make our way to the in-water start line, which was about 100 yards from the shoreline. Note to …

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Execution Day

“I think my right knee and foot is broken,” I said to John. He shot me a look of doubt. It’s race week. On Sunday, May 6th, I’ll be doing my tri-season opening at the Bassman half iron distance triathlon, a local affair in Bass River State Park. And, as is typical of most race …

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