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I’m Back: 2017 HITS Naples 70.3 Race Report

Hits Naples Race Report

I’m back… I’m back from the edges of overtraining. I’m still pushing my edges – just not tipping over them. I’m back into the thrill of the chase, and working that line between getting enough oxygen and going as fast as I can. And, with my first 70.3 in almost 2 years, I’m back to races that begin and …

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The Turtle Hunts The Hare: Journeys in Finding Speed, Part 2

Ya’ll, trying to get this endurance turtle to become a speedy hare is hard work. Right about now, I’m am cussing myself out for letting what snippets of speediness I had go by the wayside as I trained long, and then longer still over the past two years. Over the past several weeks, I’ve dabbled in the “delights” of …

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The Turtle and the Hare: Triathlon Style

Two years of super-long course training and racing has made me slow. Perhaps instead of “italics slow” I should say all-caps S.L.O.W., or even the dreaded italics-and-all-caps combo: S.L.O.W.  After a couple of double anvils (double iron-distance) and 100 mile races, I have determined that I can pretty much go FOREVER once I shift into my all-day little diesel pace. …

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Race Morning Mindfulness: I Just Want to Feel This Moment

You may have heard or read advice to “stay in the moment” when racing or training if you want to have a breakout performance, or make the most of a key training session. I know I’ve written about staying focused and being present more than once. But, it’s not common to think about this advice in …

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Beyond the White Line: Ironman Lake Placid Spec-Train-Teering Weekend

In 2009, I was a volunteer at Ironman Lake Placid. It was the first time I saw an Ironman live, up close, and personal. What I saw that day amazed me. A H. M A Z E .B A L L S. There is absolutely nothing like the first time you spectate an Ironman. Personal. Physical. Primal. …

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Post-Race Analysis: Next Time I’ll Be Bulletproof

Ironman Lake Placid

The final 10k of Ironman Lake Placid 2013 haunts me. After almost a year, I finally did the type of post-race analysis that I recommend for my athletes. Sadly, I confirmed what I had guessed to be true for the past year: if I had I stayed on the pace I ran for the first 18 miles of …

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Rational Brain/Emotional Brain: 2013 Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

I wanted so badly for this race report to be a zero-to-hero story, the dream-come-true-story, the local-small-town-girl-goes-big-Kahuna story. I wanted to be the dark horse that no one saw coming. I wanted to be the American Dream equivalent of Ironman racing – work hard, realize your dreams. I wanted to qualify for Kona. But, I …

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Ironman Taper Progresses: A Case of Whoa Nellies with a Side of Joyful Weeping

It’s just days from Ironman Lake Placid. And, I’m well into the taper, as I wrote last week. If you’ve ever experienced a taper from endurance training, then you know that it brings with it a range of emotions, from irritability to anxiety to excitement to joy. The irritability stage is usually first for me, and on …

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I have a secret… I love to taper

Triathlon Taper

That’s right. You read that headline correctly. I. LOVE. TO. TAPER. In fact, I think it’s pretty darn taper-ific. I realize this taper-love makes me something of an endurance-weirdo. I read the tweets, Facebook statuses, and articles that attest to how much people hate to taper, or find the taper as something that must be …

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Off the Plan: Does spontaneous dancing count as cross training?

Sunday morning I woke up and was all ready to knock out my scheduled training plan for the day. First, I was all like:   Then, I was all like: Normally, after a long day of training, John and I stick to a pretty set plan of the 3 R’s: refuel, recover, and rack out …

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