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This page includes an index of the various posts and pages that may be helpful for those of you with CompuTrainers.


Spin Scan

  • Why and how to use spin scan analyzer to improve your cycling efficiency. Click here for more info.
  • To change the display as you ride, select “F2.” Above at right, you see the polar graph, but you can also see the pedal stroke efficiency represented by a bar graph. I like the polar graph – the more like a circle, the better my pedal stroke :).

Testing & Data

  • Curious about functional threshold testing? A summary of how to do it, and what it means, can be found here.
  • Power and heart rate: Vital numbers to gauge your fitness and measure your improvement. Click here for more info.


  • Improving speed – key workouts
  • Interval workouts: 3D software versus coaching software
  • Felog’s False Flats – 26 mile or 19 mile false-flat style workout for the computrainer
  • Muscular endurance workout: Fartlek Freestylin’
  • Tempo interval workout: Crying for my mommy. For CT Users with older versions of the software, here is the doublebackloop that I reference in the post: Double back loop
  • Need help for selecting, editing or making the right course using the 3D software? Click here.
  • Need motivation to hit a training target? Use a pacer, or try racing against a previous performance. (To use a previous performance, select “options” in the 3D software, and check the box for previous performance. Note: You need to have done that course before in order to use this option.)
  • To turn drafting on or off, hit “F3”


  • Be sure to warm up for about 10 minutes before calibrating.
  • Be sure you have properly inflated tires – low air pressure will cause issues with calibrating.
  • Tip for calibrating in ride: Hit pause (F1) on the controller box. Unplug the computer cord going into the controller box. Calibrate the machine. Re-plug the computer cord into the controller box. Hit start (F1).



  1. Vasily

    Actually, instead of unplugging cables for calibrating while riding you can just use F3 on the device while paused, it’s more convenient and safe way to do that and it’s on page 30 of CT3d sw manual (I know, we all prefer figuring out some things without reading manuals but sometimes it really helps :).
    Good luck!

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