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Impossible is Nothing

It was Christmas Eve morning, at dark:thirty. I had scheduled a 4800 yard Swim for myself. Let me be clear: Coach Maria is an asshole. After all, I/she hadn’t simply scheduled a nice steady endurance swim. Nope. It was a hard one. In fact, it was a session that I had done last year going into …

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Cadence – It’s Not Just for Cycling

The very first time I got on a road bike, I put it into one of the heaviest gears, and mashed those pedals around the Pine Barrens of South Jersey for two hours. I’m guessing my cadence couldn’t have been much more than 60-65 rpm. This story is a common one – especially for runners …

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Free Speed

When I train, I frequently visualize different race-specific scenarios. For example, one of my favorite sequences is to imagine myself in the final miles of the marathon of the Ironman World Championships. I see myself as a quick and sure-footed athlete, as the announcers call out the blow-by-blow of my race. “Simone is looking good with …

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Test day: Going ALL OUT

I logged in to my Training Peaks account, looked at my training schedule for the day. The title read: “Swim, Field Test.” I felt the nerves almost immediately, as my (too many) years of schooling produce a almost automatic response to the word TEST. Will I pass?! Since I started training with Vince in October, …

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Swimming in doubt

At times, doubt can be useful to our survival. For example, if someone tells you that you will be just fine if you run into raging flood waters, it is smart to doubt the veracity of that claim. At other times, however, doubt can be counter-productive. Perhaps we are afraid of failure, or we lack …

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