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Trainer Time: 3 bike trainer workouts for triathletes

I could blame the colder temperatures for the time I spend on the trainer, but that would be dishonest. I ride (and like to ride) the trainer year-round, and I find for shorter workouts, it can’t be beat for time efficiency – as well as the ability to nail a workout without worrying about stop signs, …

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Life is an Adventure Made for an Adventurer

In 2010, John and I were training for our first Ironman in Lake Placid. During that training season, I was thrown off the road by a car, and it shook me. I remember being so afraid to ride my bike outside. In fact, that crash affected my cycling confidence for at least 2 years. (I’m …

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Cycling: Holding My Own

“It’s been a while since we rode together,” John said. “You’re different.” Pause. “I’m impressed.” I beamed. Wow. That is high praise indeed. To say that cycling has not come naturally to me would be an understatement. It’s like saying that Rinny is an okay runner, or Michael Phleps knows a little bit about swimming, …

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Cadence – It’s Not Just for Cycling

The very first time I got on a road bike, I put it into one of the heaviest gears, and mashed those pedals around the Pine Barrens of South Jersey for two hours. I’m guessing my cadence couldn’t have been much more than 60-65 rpm. This story is a common one – especially for runners …

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(Not) Just Like the First Time: The Ironman Lake Placid Bike Course

Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placie

As we drove north to Lake Placid last weekend, and the one-dimensional terrain of southern New Jersey gave way to the peaks of the Adirondacks, I could feel the flapping of those butterfly wings in my belly. It was a mixture of both excitement and anxiety as we returned to what I consider to be …

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Road Noise Vest Passes the 100 Mile Test

[Note: Road Noise provided  John and I with road noise vests for our review. We agreed to review the vests and provide our honest assessment.] “So, how did you like the Road Noise vest during the race?” I asked John the morning he ran 100 miles at the NJ Ultra Festival. “It’s the sh!t.” He replied. …

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Rooby-Roo the Rocket

Well, it’s official. I’m a triathlete. Never mind the last five years, with three Ironmans, and I lost count of how many HIMs, olys and sprints. I am an official triathlete because now I have the gear to prove it. I guess that’s why some people go for the gear first. Skip all the other …

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Power: Weaknesses and Opportunities

Our next race is just one week away: Rev3 Quassy half iron distance, in Middlebury, CT on June 3. I’m super excited for this race; so far, I think it’s my favorite half-distance course, especially the bike, which I wrote about last year after doing the race for the first time. During the past week, …

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Wait, how many feet is that? Previewing IM Mont Tremblant on the CompuTrainer

Elevation profile for the Ironman Mont Tremblant bike course. I opened my Training Peaks schedule on Christmas Eve to find a 3-hour hilly ride that my coach, Vince Matteo, had scheduled. This would be my first 3-hour ride since September. For me, the three-hour ride is a sure sign of beginning base training for an …

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CompuTrainer Ride of the Week: Felog’s False Flats

Every race has got ’em. Those infuriating patches where we stare in wonder at our bike computers as they report decreasing speed despite maintaining power and effort. False Flats. Just the phrase is enough to conjure another F-word. False flats remind us that not all elevation change comes in big leaps. Sometimes, we climb a …

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