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Superfood is Superbad, Carbs are Good & Other Nutrition Pet Peeves

The food we eat (or don’t eat) is personal, pulling from our individual, social and cultural values. Our life experiences are often tied up with our eating experiences, and food can be an important and fulfilling part of our lives. In short: Food is important to us. It’s yummy, and it makes us feel good. But, there are other …

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Training Days are Teachers – Learn From Them

“Tomorrow you will find out where you are with your training,” I said. “Take note of what goes well and what doesn’t. It’s just a training day – learn from it. You’ve got 8 weeks until race day to work on whatever needs work.” It was Friday night, May 31st, and I was giving a …

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All in a Day’s Eating: Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete

nutrition for endurance athlete

I can eat some food. Upon seeing my plate of food after a long day of working and training, some have remarked that I have the appetite of a football player. Or a triathlete. Either way. I carry a cooler of snacks with me almost everywhere I go. At work, my colleagues have yelled “SNACKS!” just to …

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“That” Person

Last weekend, I set about the business of grocery shopping, selecting a little of the organic this, and some vegetarian that, and a bit of whole sprouted grain something-or-other. I passed by many of the middle aisles, with no temptation to purchase the sugary, processed crap that lurks there. I lingered in the produce aisle, as …

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Lessons about pancreatic cancer and triathlon

When I started this blog several years ago, my concept was that I would write about my training and racing, and all of the lessons I learned from it. Hence, my tagline: Learning about life while pushing the limits of the body.  At the outset, there was no way I could have understood just how …

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Lessons learned: Bonks and Meltdowns

For endurance athletes, Saturday mornings typically mean one thing: long workout time! My training plan called for a 45 minute run at IM pace, followed immediately by a 2:15 bike with several hard interval sets throughout, followed immediately another 45 minute IM pace run. I remember tweeting cheerfully that I was about to start my …

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What should I eat? Tips for endurance fueling

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received several emails and tweets asking in one way or another, “What should I eat?” Indeed, nutrition before, during and after racing is a key pre-occupation for many runners and triathletes. I suppose that is so because nutrition is so darn tricky. What works for one person may or …

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Getting juiced up

“Oooooohhhhhh, the new juicer is heeerrreeee,” I crooned as I came out of my ice bath into the kitchen to find a large box from Amazon. Within 15 minutes, the juicer was out of the packing, on the counter, and churning through some fresh produce. The first batch of juice we made was pretty standard …

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